Oct 22, 2008


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Oct 20, 2008

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Oct 15, 2008


I don't even know how many versions of the movie I've seen. I can't even claim ignorance with my usual cop-out of "I'm waiting for the book" because the book's been out for a while now. But had I actually read Homer's Iliad and Odysseia I would've known what "nepenthe" refers to. Instead, I found myself talking with my uncle at 2 am one morning pretending to know what he was talking about as I held the phone to my ear while doing a fast and furious search on dictionary.com for a word I wasn't even sure how to spell.

This blog (watch for new links to the right) isn't exactly my nepenthe and I certainly hope it's not yours either. But I hope you'll enjoy reading about my Odyssey ...