Sep 25, 2009

Internet Cafe

The next scene in the adventure is up!

Click above on Internet Cafe, or find other adventures below and to the right.

Thanks for reading!

Sep 23, 2009


Maybe not church, but is it worship?

Another "Grand Canyon" adventure (about worship) is up. Just click on "Sanctuary" (above).

Coming soon: Internet Cafe, Unfinished Business, In Paris I Saw Armpits, and The Obvious/Not-So-Obvious Grand Canyon Edition!

Mar 4, 2009

Squeak Up

Two new stories are up. "Squeak Up" which is about going down the North Kaibab Trail and "Squeaking Up" which is about how one gets back up the North Kaibab Trail. Just click above to get all caught up. Links to more adventures are down and to the right

Feb 4, 2009

In n Out

New post, "In n Out" is up and available in the Links (down and to the right), but it's innout what you think